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Every speed on her knees..
was crawling.
  So Adrian and I have been having many talks about what I'm… 
10th-Nov-2010 09:20 am
the letter I never sent.
So Adrian and I have been having many talks
about what I'm going to do with my life.

I'm feeling incredibly confused
and not at all happy with things.

My computer programming program is so incredibly techincal
I keep feeling frustrated and fed up
and incredibly lost.

I feel like I'm trying as hard as I can and getting shit on in return.
So yeah.

When Adrian was talking about how going to work
at the airport
is more fun than a job to him,
we tried to figure out what I love.

Writing. Jewellery Making. Sewing. Crocheting. Knitting.

So... now I don't know what to do.

I'm thinking of getting everything that I've made together
(including the Hogwarts scarves)
and perhaps making an etsy account.

The one and only good thing about
yesterday was when Adrian said
if quitting school next year is what I want to do
he'd still support me no matter what.

And then he said lately
he's been feeling more like a husband
than a boyfriend
and that made me smile.

So... there is good, where bad likes to shine.
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